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Year Planner

Annual Activity Calender 2019-2020

Classes Pre-Nursery to II
Date Activity/Events Classes
18.04.2019 Welcome Party Pre-Nur to KG
22.04.2019 Earth Day Celebrations
Vegetable Printing Activity Pre-Nur to KG
Slogan Recitation on Mother Earth I and II
10.05.2019 Mother's Day Celebrations
Card Making Activity Pre-Nur to KG
Poem on 'Maa' (Hindi/English) Competition I and II
12.07.2019 Button up Activity Pre-Nur to KG
Self Introduction Competition I and II
02.08.2019 Teej Celebrations
Clay Modelling Competition Pre-Nur to I
09.08.2019 Raksha Bandhan Celebrations I and II
Tricolour Rakhi Making Competition >
13.08.2019 Independence Day Celebrations
Hindi Patriotic Poem Recitation Competition Pre-Nur to KG
22.08.2019 Janamashtami Celebrations
Raas Leela Dance Party Pre-Nur to KG
Bhajan Recitation on Janamashtami I and II
04.09.2019 Teachers' Day Celebrations
Story Telling Competition (English) Pre-Nur to KG
Calligraphy Competition & Spell Bee Competition I and II
01.10.2019 Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations
Quiz on Life of Gandhi Ji Pre-Nur to KG
Declamation Contest I and II
07.10.2019 Dussehra Celebrations
Fancy Dress Competition on Ramayana Pre-Nur to II
24.10.2019 Diwali Celebrations V to VIII
Kandeel Colouring Competition Pre-Nur to KG
Diya Decoration Competition I and II
31.10.2019 Haryana Day Celebrations
General Quiz I and I
Quiz on the Ramayana V &VI
02.11.2019 to 06.11.2019 Annual Sports Meet Pre-Nur to II
11.11.2019 Gurupurav Celebrations
Healthy Tiffin Presentation Competition Pre-Nur to II
13.11.2019 Children's Day Celebrations
Talent Show Pre-Nur to II
24.12.2019 Christmas Celebrations
New Year/Christmas Card Making Competition III to V
13.01.2020 Lohri Celebrations
Kite Colouring Competition Pre-Nur to KG
Kite Drawing and Colouring Competition I and II
20.01.2020 to 24.01.2020 Miss and Master Nursery Nursery
23.01.2020 Spell-Bee Competition I and II
28.1.2020 Basant Panchami Celebrations
Yellow Day Celebrations Pre-Nur to II


Classes III to XII
Date Activity/Events Classes
18.04.2019 Calligraphy Competition (Hindi/English) III to X
22.04.2019 Earth Day
Two Minute Speech Competition on 'Save Earth Save Life' III & IV
Slogan Writing Competition V & VI
Poster Making Competition VII & VIII
10.05.2019 Mother's Day
Poem Recitation Competition III to V
Handmade Gift Making Competition VI to VIII
02.08.2019 Teej Celebrations
Healthy Tiffin Presentation Competition III &IV
Wall Hanging Making Competition V & VI
Face Painting Competition VII & VIII
09.08.2019 Raksha Bandhan Celebrations
Rakhi Making Competition III to V
Thali Decoration Competition VI to VIII
13.08.2019 Independence Day Celebrations
Declamation Contest (Topic - Patriotism) VI to VIII
22.08.2019 Janamashtami Celebrations
Quiz on Shri Krishna's Life III to V
Geeta Shalokouchcharan VI to VIII
Spell Bee Competition III to VIII
04.09.2019 Teachers' Day Celebrations
Essay Writing Competition
Language (Hindi/English/Sanskirt / Punjabi)
01.10.2019 Gandhi Jayanti
General Quiz III to X
Clean Our Society Drive VI to XII
07.10.2019 Dussehra Celebrations
Quiz on the Ramayana III to V
Chopai Gayan Competition VI &VIII
16.10.2019 Karva Chauth
Best out of waste III & V
Mehandi Competition VI to XII
25.10.2019 Diwali Celebrations
Clay Modelling Competition III & IV
Toran/Kandeel Making Competition V to VI
Rangoli Making Competition VII to XII
02.11.2019 to to 06.11.2019 Annual Sports Meet III to XII
11.11.2019 Gurupurav Celebrations
Diya Decoration Competition III to V
Shabad Kirtan Competition IV to VIII
Turban Tying Competition IX & X
14.11.2019 Children's Day Celebrations
Talent Show III to X
24.12.2019 Christmas Celebrations
Mask Making Competition/
New Year Card Making Competition
Sweet & Savoury Snacks Making Competition VI to X
13.01.2020 Lohri & Makar Sakranti
Celebrations with Folk Dances of India III to VIII
26.01.2020 Republic Day Celebrations
28.01.2020 Basant Panchmi Celebrations
Paper Folding Competition II to VIII